Master Key Experience – Week 18

Well I must be in the mode of “refusing the call.”   I am scattered, not focused, and having a hard time being positive.   I recently quit the j.o.b. treadmill after decades of working at  things that were only a means to an end.   Just 3 weeks of my ‘new life’ and this time has felt like the least productive, most scattered weeks I’ve ever had.   I will get on track, but something has to change.

I tuned into the Bill Moyers/Joseph Campbell Series, the Power of the Myth.   Such a grounding series of information…Joseph Campbell is brilliant.   My eclectic background lends itself well to getting Campbell’s messages.  I suspect the movies for this week will build on these messages.

I was ready to move onto Scroll V.  With each new scroll the message comes through for me to take a look at who I am being along with the insight to get more in touch with my authentic self.   The scrolls wake me up to “give more, get more.”


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