Master Key Experience – Week 19+

I continue to use this blog more as a written journal of my growth, and hence the Week 19 + (plus) because this is big for me.   The word this week for my Franklin Makeover is ‘courage.’   Well I just gave myself a 10X for today.   I took the courage to have an honest conversation with my significant other.   I’ve been troubled for over 5 months within this relationship, and for years on a personal level, with something that has a major impact on vulnerably relating to each other.   I had the courage to tell how I honestly felt about this.  Not sure about the fallout, good or not so good, however, I suspect I will need more courage to deal with either case.   Taking personal responsibility is tough work.


2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 19+

  1. Ahh, that explains the number of posts. That’s great, keep it up. Yes, it takes courage to bring problems to light, but only when the light shines on them can they be solved. If not solved they slowly destroy a person, so it is wonderful that you engaged towards whatever needs to happen.

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