Master Key Experience – Week 19

Went traveling out of town for 3.5 days so I have been playing catch up.   As time goes on in this experience I am really getting the idea of building good habits.   I had little idea that I was not strong in that area.

Regarding the MKE readings each night, it has been quite profound that as I read the lesson for the week, the past several weeks, the ‘lightbulb’ has just turned on and I feel that I am getting a signifiant message on what I need to change to succeed.   This week for example, its speaks of good and evil, whereby evil is just the absence of good.   Another example, is ignorance is but lack of knowledge. It then proceeds to talk about polarity and if we wish to change the form of manifestation, we must change the polarity.   So if my thought is negative, of course I will manifest lack and limitation, however, if I want to manifest wealth and prosperity, then I MUST change the polarity in my thinking from negative to positive.  So if I connect the opposite poles, one of thinking more positive, it will cause a current to flow from one (my thoughts +++) to the other (my current realty —) and so provide energy flow, i.e., like a battery.

It also hit home with the first few sentences about fear being a powerful form of thought.   My wise, much younger than I, daughter said something remarkable to me the other day.   She works at a job which is stressful, sales quotas and markers, enough said.  She just decided with the new year that she was not going to stress, she just was not going to do it.   So I thought about that and if she can do it so can I, and this redirected my thinking to the ‘here and now’ and focusing on what to do next and if I start to stress, it usually means I am caring about the outcome.   And I know better, this is not mine to be concerned about.


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