Master Key Experience – Week 22

Oh, I love this one!   MKE #22.   I’ve known for a long time that underneath all dis-ease is an emotional component.   Years ago I spent some time with Louis Hayes’ writings and with my science/spiritual background, it was a smooth transition to adopt her beliefs.   So when reading MKE #22, the words had such clarity for me.  LIFE is positive, constructive thoughts and dis-ease is negative, destructive thoughts.   My own journey has been long and arduous uncovering the thought patterns that have kept a fatigued and headachy body persevering from a very young age.   The phrase, “eliminating thoughts of fear, worry, care, anxiety, jealousy, hatred…”  all of these negative emotions are a ‘no brainer’ in the sense that I need to get a hold of my thoughts.   And of course, this is all well-timed with Og “today I will be master of my emotions.”   BUT, what caught my attention of most of these negative emotions was “care,” which I had not previously thought of as being negative or even the cause of dis-ease.  It stopped my brain in its tracks and I immediately understood that even in my later years I still care too much to the point of being invested in the outcome.   The outcome is not mine to own or control, not even in thought.  I only need to focus on my positive mental attitude and release…let the Universe do it’s thing — create!!


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