Master Key Experience – Week 22a

SILENCE is golden.   Well I didn’t know how I was going to do this, however, I committed to making it happen.   Because I couldn’t be around a laptop, cell phone, TV or my partner (mostly) I decided to get in the car and go to a wilderness area to be with nature. While driving, that meant no listening to my professional/educational You Tube videos….just the silence of the tires rolling along the highway.   This gave me an opportunity to be present to the wide open vistas of AZ–breathtaking.  All was going along well and I could feel the mind chatter fall away especially walking the rocky path up the mountain taking in the newly blossomed flowers of spring, my favorite season.

Once back on the road to home, I could feel my body and mind begin to tense (i.e., resist) the congestion of the highways and side roads.   I just took notice and actually handled this environment more calmly than usual.   I remember coming to a decision that I am not as much of a city girl as I used to be and real peace for me meant I need to visualize a new home more connected to nature, although not isolated.    As I said all was going along well.

Then I stopped at a red light and likewise the very young guy behind me did also, both of us waiting for the light to turn green.   GREEN – GO forward, I did not respond immediately and the young man behind, attempting to plug in his cell phone, saw the green light and accelerated right into the back end of my stopped dead vehicle.    I needed to call the police and needless to say, that was the end of SILENCE.

This event was SIGNIFICANT and I must have needed the going within in Silence for the heart/mental clarity to emerge.   I am a believer that we attract the accident, so I couldn’t just pass this off.   And since I was quite shaken by a slight fender bender by all comparisons, I knew that I had to go within and ask for insight–I attracted this.   I went to sleep and awoke in the middle of the night with the answer.   I had been walking the line on a personal issue for the last 4 months trying to accommodate another’s needs/desires (take your pick).  When all this time I was compromising my needs and values.   So I woke up, communicated to this person what I needed regarding the issue.   I had drawn a line in the sand and left no room for discussion.   It was that kind of issue.   I faced my fear of not knowing what would come of this, however, it did not matter.   There comes a time when somethings are just non-negotiable.   Thank you SILENCE.


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