Master Key Experience – Week 24

Well, here I am near the end of a six month journey of going within.   I am tired.   I have spent the last 4 weeks not being well.  Perplexed by the longevity of this episode, I do believe that illness for me has a strong emotional component, i.e., not acting in harmony with self.   I picked up my long held copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.   She says, “sometimes when we try to release a pattern, the whole situation seems to get worse for a while.  This is not a bad thing.   It is a sign that the situation is beginning to move.”   Ah, so that’s what this was over the last month–anger turned inward, minor car accident, dis-ease, physical pain.   Seems those old peptides require major non-stop rattling to loosen the cement.   Pattern be gone!!   You have not been serving my best self!  Not that simple, however, I know I have made progress in the right direction and the decisions that have come out of this experience are more aligned with my authentic self.

So I read more of Louise Hay after posting the diatribe above.  And the MKE teachings have come full circle.   She stresses forgiveness, self approval, self-acceptance and loving thyself.  And I immediately recalled “Law of Forgiveness.”  To access the Divine and Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator, I MUST forgive everyone and anyone to clear this channel–which is my ultimate desire.  There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against those I perceive to being doing me wrong.  With this pivotal change in point of view about my situation, a flood of understanding flowed and I could feel my heart and body soften.  Almost immediately,  or so it felt, I recalled the other six Laws of the Mind.  I began to see, as I reviewed the other six, how each one — Substitute a God (loving) thought, Relax (feeling love is calming), Practice (is to love thyself to improvement), Dual Thought (feeling loving thoughts), Subconscious (works constantly, I feel the effect of my changed thoughts), and Growth (up and outward, expansion through loving actions).   Forgive, release, restore thyself–love, joy, peace.  Hmmm…I feel re-energized.

I have to say that these last six months of discipline have made a positive change, chipping away at the cement and revealing my authentic self to myself.



One thought on “Master Key Experience – Week 24

  1. Thank you for sharing. Diatribe? I think not … rather, simply a recap of your struggle, for us to be able to appreciate the rest of the story. May this new “re-energized” self bring you health and the experience you desire!


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